Hi everyone!!! Tomorrow is the big day and i have some news for you all!

– First of all, along the firsrt free release, a new update will come out with new blocks (for the patrons only) and new aditions. There is new ilustrations, blocks and some things ill talk about later in this message.

– The discord server will open to the public along the release, but dont worry! as the free people (to put it a name) will have only access to general chat and channels with no possibility to talk, like progress, updates, etc.

I’ve been looking on how to make the charity event but is getting super difficult, so please if anyone knows or has experience on this type of things PLEASE let me know to help us and make it possible!

– Juan and I are trying to change the loading map background and main menu background. The main menu will be some carrousel of ingame pics with the napp pack, and in each update i’ll love to change ’em with your creations on the #creations channel, with your name on it for all the people to see!

And in regards of the loading background, we will post some examples so you can decide wich is cooler. We thought of replacing the classic dirt for the NAPP dirt, but I started to try some options with other blocks and I love them all, so ill put them on the #high_res_pics channel for you all to see wich do you like best (use the lil emojis) and also for you to be able to download it and use it as wallpaper  – Also, as always, I appreciate all the help in terms of spreading the word to reach out to more people! With the little vacations I had, the reach has decreased a lot, so everything helps! (and don’t forget to check the #šŸ”„social_mediašŸ”„ channel to give us some love online).

BY THE WAY We are going to include some yellow texts on the game, so if you have some ideas (napp related would be cool) write them on the general channel and I will pick the best ones! I have some ideas, I will write them there too!