Hi! I hope everyone is doing great!I’m doing better, less headaches, i can’t still smell or taste anything but im feeling good overall!NAPP 2.3 is here baby, lets see whats new:

  • QUARTZ! Every block, pillar, chiseled, smooth, bricks, blocks… Right now is one of my favorite blocks for sure.
  • NETHERRACK! The most important block of this update! it has been a back and forth with this one, but I trully think it turned out really good.
  • NEW BLACKSTONE AND GUILDED BLACKSTONE! Yep, it was kind of… antinatural, idk, it didnt feel quite right the last textures so i remade it a little bit, and now i think is working really well.
  • OAK AND DARK OAK TRAPDOORS! I changed a bit the last designs I posted on the progress channel based on feedback, and i like them better now.

And thats it folks! I hope you enjoy this new update and, as always, let me know all the feedback (good and bad) you have, I truly use it, as this pack is from and for the community!