Hi everyone! NAPP 2.2 is here!!!

Let’s check the new additions!

  • Blackstone
  • Gilded Blackstone
  • Smooth Blackstone
  • Chiseled Blackstone
  • Blackstone bricks
  • Cracked Blackstone bricks
  • Bone block (I’m sorry trypophobics)
  • Acacia trapdoor
  • Birch Trapdoor

Also a little experiment where I want YOUR feedback: I made a x16 and a x32 NAPP versions with some changes so it fits better. The version will be avilable for EVERY TIER (yes, iron too). There is still some bugs and visual aberrations in some textures so don’t expect a polished final version! But I think having the two is too much, so we are going to choose just one! We will make a poll in discord to know whitch one do you guys prefer and I’ll work on that like in the rest packs!

Thanks everyone and have fun!!!