Hey everyone!

Well, first, the mandatory HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2021 cuts some slack for everyone. Today is a very special day because we have a new update, and also is my birthday hehe, so I have everything ready to upload and go celebrate this day off with my family!

So lets see whats new!

  • Nether bricks and cracked netherite bricks!
  • Red nether bricks!
  • Chiseled nether bricks! With some details of my own there…
  • The new animated MAGMA block!! I think is my favorite so far… i just love the result with the flowing lava animated in the cracks, i hope you like it as muchs as me
  • Iron trap door!
  • Spruce trap door! (i think for the next update all trapdoors will be added)
  • Spruce stripped wood and planks recolored (it was a little bit off from the vanilla)

I hope everyone is having a blast on this new year and for the people that have it rough, I love you, and you’ll see everything is going to be okay. I love you all!