Hi everyone !! I’m a little late… hahahah, but finally NAPP 2.0 IS HERE!!! Let’s see what’s new!

  • Furnace! Use some jukebox to cook some chicken if you feeling fancy.
  • New stone bricks! I also like how the old ones break the monotony but… trust me, this new ones feel MUCH better when using stairs and slabs… it looks soo much cleaner.
  • New glass texture, and new stained glass texture! Glass is being a wild ride, very difficult to get right, notice it and also get the vanilla feel. But I think the new version feels much better. I’ve added some little details on the surface, like small water drops, and reduced the ‘obsidian’ feeling a bit. Also played with the opacity on the regular glass to notice it a little better.
  • New glass frames! working with CTM, and with the 16x color variations for the stained.


  • Beacon looking opaque. Now looking pretty good.
  • Stone stair corner problems and texture seams. All good now.
  • Stair top pixels missing. Welp… no more.
  • Torches texture floating on top. Obliterated
  • Smooth stone side texture missing. Abso-freaking-lutely fixed
  • Painting side texture missing. Found and returned to its place. Faceless
  • Chadskeleton head. Fixed.
  • Glass on the hand looking like a weird block. No more
  • Plank texture showing on the fence gates connected to a block. Fixed

As you can see, we have been focusing on all the bugs and weird behaviours, but I think the 2.0 version is looking pretty good for official launch.

Today is the official release of the free version! This is possible thanks to you guys.
But enough talk, lets get back to work, the Nether update is not going to design itself!! (expect a new update with some nether blocks very soon).


Love you!