Hi everyone , NAPP 1.7 IS HERE! Lets see what’s new:

  • Podzol top and side textures!
  • CHESTS! regular, trapped and the long-boi variations of both (remember that entities have normal mapping disabled)
  • New coarse block!
  • The glass texture has been improved, removing the dirt (leaving just a little bit just for detail effects)
  • Also the top pane textures of the glass and the 16 color variants has been fixed
  • New music block!! (is not the same as the juke-side okay? is a little bit different)
  • The colors of the jukebox has been improved to mach the vanilla colors too.
  • Also i’ve added a little detail on the top part so the buttons on the re-made songs are pressed and a little bit brighter, so each time a new song is added, the button of the new one is pressed till everyone is complete.

Which reminds me of... – NEW SONG!! made by our composer @Choley.y, the song is f*** awesome (ward), so check that out (remember to download the last NAPP_RECORD_0.2 pack).We completed the COLORFUL UPDATE, but I’m not creating the 2.0 version till all the bugs of this one are fixed! So dont forget to report everything bad you see!Thanks everybody, have a super noice weekend, and vibe a little bit with the new song!