Hi everyone , NAPP 1.6 IS HERE! Lets see what’s new:

  • TORCHES! Soul torch and regular torch has been added
  • Farmland and Farmland moist!
  • First glass design! I know is not super fancy (the beauty is in the reflections tho), but is the first version, and future CTM will be added!
  • All 16 stained glasses and stained panels (same as the above)
  • New custom paintings redesign! Now they have a frame and a canvas texture!
  • New alternative diamond block texture for the NETHERITE GANG ! Perfect to create a pool of wealth…

Now, as I mentioned the other day, my friend Choley has made 2 new records for the game! The new songs are fire and will be on a new mini-pack called NAPP_RECORDS, where i will be adding the future songs!

I do it this way because i can’t add new songs, I have to replace it for the old ones, so that way if you want your vanilla records, you can deactivate it in the resource pack manager! The new songs will be: – Mall – Wait

And… there is a little surprise… I cannot launch the NAPP_RECORDS pack without including the JUKEBOX block on the update!!!! I went for the vanilla style on the sides but for the upper part… I gave it a proper jukebox song selector style! I hope you like it, and have a great weekend everybody!!!!!!!