Hi everyone! as you can see now, we are a little group but all of you are being active, with feedback, questions etc, and i love that! I want to share with you guys some of the things that are coming and explain how im planning the development and the future of this ‘pack’ that is more than just a pack.

First i want to talk about how the pack is going to release and evolve:

I divided ALL of the components in minecraft in different blocks, and each block will be an update, with its own presentation, release video, etc. Some of the updates will be small and some will be bigger.

People here with access to the WIP pack tiers (gold and above) will be able of course to play and test every update since the beginning of the development.

I decided to do this because this pack is made with a lot of love, and very hard work. All of the textures are 100% hand made with professional software that is used right now in triple A studios, so the time spent on each one is considerably higher than a normal resource pack. dividing it in different updates feels more dynamic and is easier to update to the public!

Right now, as i think all of you know, mi plan is releasing this pack and updates for free to the public once i finish each one, because i believe everyone should get the opportunity to play with it and enjoy it no matter his situation (income, access to money because of the age, etc. That’s why this exist, your support, this discord, the patreon, to make this happen

That being said, as the final product will be released for free, i feel that you deserve more than just to test the wip updates, so i’m adding new rewards for you and people to come!

There will be videos in youtube to showcase everything, but not just ingame shots, but animated short movies to present them, as javitxu and me come from a 3d and 2d animation background and we worked on multiple projects together. Think about it like what Supercell is doing in youtube with class royale and clash of clans, and the short little movies they make on its channels, and of course your names will be on that video.

I’m also adding a new reward in which the bedrock block of the game will include your name on it. It will not be just text, it will be carved into the rock in a very cool way.

Another reward will be exclusive variations of the diamond, emerald and gold blocks just for the supporters, and there are other ideas we are still thinking about it, i’ll keep you informed

And finally, i would like to address why i said that this is more than just a pack:

There will be a moment when there would be no more elements to change on this pack and it will be competed. When that moment comes, im sure that this community would be bigger, and we will make a poll. that poll will indicate the next theme pack we would make.

It could be an animal crossing thematic pack, or a doom eternal one… maybe you would like a borderlands themed one.

We have the tools to make all of this happen, so as long as this community and the support exist, we will be releasing the high quality content you want.

And please let me know what you think about all of this!