Hi guys! I’m writing this trying to clarify all your doubts, as I keep receiving similar questions about the pack. Let’s go! 

Which version of Minecraft do I need to use the pack?

Right now I’m developing the resource pack on Java version, and it has been tested on OptiFineHD 1.14.4 to 1.15.2. But my intention is to port everything to Bedrock and RTX, and keep adding blocks to go on pair with the snapshots. So in the future it will be available for every version.

How many blocks (and which ones) will be in the pack?

The idea of this pack is to cover the games entirety as well as to create a new and fresh visual experience. Then I will start working on updates by sectioning each part by Aquatic, Nether, etc. Also finished textures will be polished based on user feedback till everything works together! Check out the roadmap to see how the progress is organized.

How much money is it going to cost?

The pack is going to be free, each section after will be free, and all following updates will be free when they are finished.


You say the pack is free, why do you have a Patreon then?.

Patreon is for those who want to give financial support to this project, but it is not a way of buying the pack.

Of course, being in Patreon gives you some perks, as our way of thanking you for making this possible. You can check them out in the image below. However, the pack in 512x remains free!

Which shaders do I have to use?

 You can try any shaders you like, but I strongly recommend BSL shaders or Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM) compatible shaders. 

SEUS doesn’t officially support the 1024x version, so you can either use a work around or a shader like Sildurs.

So... What about MOBS?

I downloaded the pack but the blocks are not 3D!

It is not possible to modify the geometry of the blocks in Minecraft without mods, affecting the performance, and glitching out the whole game. So, to achieve that 3D effect, we use Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM) which generates a fake 3D surface inside the cube. Make sure you have that option active in the shader settings and that you are using a POM compatible shader pack.

And now, some clarifications I want to make:

– I’m creating a web to host all the links, photos and videos

– I’m also creating a YouTube channel to upload showcase videos of the pack

– My name is Miguel Galván and I’m from Spain.

– Thank you for reading this 🙂